Building a Fire Within, is Far More Valuable than Setting a Fire beneath you

Performance Mindworks Inspires Confidence

John has coached and mentored entrepreneurs, champions and achievers from all walks of life through his Peak Performance training program. His high-performance training program can be done one-on-one online, from anywhere in the world and at anytime.

John’s coaching method is simple, to take the knowledge you already possess, and help you connect the dots so you know what to do and how to do it. John will teach you to apply your knowledge, so you can take confident action. For more information, please contact Performance Mindworks today.

The Coaching Process happens in 3 processes

To ensure that the Peak Performance Coaching System is the right fit for you, or your organization please complete the questionnaire by selecting the learn more button. It will be reviewed to get a better understanding of your needs and determine if there will be a mutual fit for our coaching program.
Once we determine that the Peak Performance Coaching System is a fit for you, there are multiple steps that we will take together to ensure we address your needs and adapt to your specific desired results.
To achieve truly great results, the coach and the client must be committed to each other and the program. Our coaching program requires a 12 month commitment to be able to achieve the kind of behavioural modifications for long-lasting results.
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