An Innovative Way for Non-Profit Organizations to Generate Donations and Provide Participants with a Long Lasting Investment…

Performance Mindworks Changes Lives

John McMahon and the Performance Mindworks team are making an impact in communities everywhere by helping non-profits give back to those helping to sustain their community building efforts.  Rather than simply asking for money, hosting golf tournaments, or arranging funding drives, this is a creative method to raise funds, while turning a donation into a valuable opportunity for donaters to make a personal investment in themselves.

Not only will the non-profit benefits from a generous income split from the event, but the resources needed to host a Performance Mindworks event are low. As a bonus, the non-profit staff can take part in the event at no charge and your clients leave with a gift that lasts a lifetime.

  • Attendees receive personal development training,
  • Non-profit staff are invited to attend at no cost,
  • Non-profit provides a life long gift to their attendees and staff,
  • Non-profit enjoys a generous split of income,
  • The cost for hosting the event is covered from ticket sales
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